Listen. Tell your story. Grow, it is the social network.

We are on the network more than ever today. Social media marketing helps create, converse and connect with business relevant audience, and engage for building authentic, meaningful relationships on a personal level with your clients and customers.

There are good social media marketing campaigns that help you engage, and then there are great social media marketing professionals that help you build and maintain real, meaningful connect with your audience. Social media marketing (SMM) is evolving as a marketing resource with its increasing influence for companies, small businesses and brands alike. Exposure on social media platforms can increase visibility, especially because search engines are now integrating updates and profiles into their search results dynamically; it means social media marketing has become supremely important to even show up as a search result.

PurpleSyntax has the right tools to listen, collate and analyse your social media presence, and if you are new - we help you build one!

The infinite scroll can be quite tiring and overwhelming, and the key to staying relevant is authenticity and outreach. With the right analysis, you can strategise social media marketing campaigns that drive conversations, and give valuable insights into future trends for your business.

Why Purplesyntax?

Social Media Management simply put is managing your social space and presence. A premiere Social media management agency will help you manage all profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, LinkedIn, TikTok and everything else in a structured, integrated approach to make you go viral!

Custom Setup, Plan & strategy

If you are a new entrant into the digital space, we help you set up your social media accounts, devise strategies and create a customised social media plan. PurpleSyntax’s strong content development team, combined with its digital insights make sure that your posts are scheduled right, business page is optimised for SERP and the content creation is in line with your brand image.

Search engine services

We have the perfect pairs of eyes and ears, to notice and listen! Our social media listening tools keep up with the trends, encourage customer interaction and manage reputation. We aim to increase network popularity and establish credibility, so that your business has a higher ranking on the Search Engine Results Page, blog with more clicks, leads and sales.

Reporting and metrics

Our expertise in data analytics gives us a clear edge with KPM reporting, Spam Monitoring and conversion from pay per click advertising, traffic channeling - tools that can give a clear direction and understanding on focus areas and strengths. Social media marketing is beyond going with the flow and following trends, and by dripping quality content, you will see yourself closer to your business goals.

Comprehensive social media solutions

We are a one stop shop for all things digital, which means we can create the website and application for you, and marketing it to maintain homogeneity and flow.

Social Media Advertisement management

We use targeted social media advertisement management for increased visibility on various platforms like Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram. This includes PPC and influencer marketing, Adwords, etc.,
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Our Process

We aim to create a social media marketing funnel that rightly resonates with you identity, generates results, saves time and money.

Social Media Marketing Services in Hyderabad India - PurpleSyntax

Social Media Calendar Creation

The entry point of the funnel, where the customer has potential is pitched the idea, and marketed to through quality content. Superior web pages, catchy photography, attentive graphics, email drips and videos are some streams created used to capture the users interest to direct them to your website/page/application. The idea of this stage is to create powerful content and a create a roadmap that tells your brand story. We create a social media calendar because behind every post or hashtag, there is a platform that allows for monetisation.

Publish & engage

The internet is a place where opinions can change every minute after being influenced, and so it is crucial that we publish the content we create in the right way, on the right platform. Social media users want to notice and engage, which means the want to see constant engaging and relevant content on their feed if they notice you. Our team of experts understand what ticks all the right boxes with your target audience and manage the across all channels through consistent, timed , SEO friendly posts, which act like lead magnets.


The next step is to interact with your audience, give them regular updates, replying to queries and messages, so you know the interest groups. Retargeting, email drips and text messages to convert their interests into sale or revenue generation activity. This is done through meticulous execution, keeping the SEO algorithm and exposure in mind. This drives organic traffic to websites, storefronts and omni-channel sales outlets.


A good process is fruitful only when you can measure the success of your efforts. We have specialised tools in addition to the popular metric measuring tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, Social Pilot that measure traction, traffic and conversions generated from the social media marketing campaigns. It provides valuable insights on monitoring engagement and forecasting, part from revenue streams or leakages.

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