Trends that will up the digital marketing game in 2019

Trends that will up the digital marketing game in 2019

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Posted On: 10 Jun 2019

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Digital marketing is a revolution that started few years back. Today, this is one area that no company can ignore. This game is likely to develop and expand further this year. With content all over the internet these days, it becomes essential for companies not only to develop themselves on the platform but also make it visible. Digital marketing has made a huge difference in food, entertainment and fashion industry, and now companies need to ensure that they play strong this year to attain success.

Use SEO in a smart way

SEO is an ever evolving aspect that one can never go wrong. Search engine optimization determines your search results and based on that Google or other search engines rank you. Spending time on this will help you in a long run. If you are one such person who hasn’t taken SEO too seriously, 2019 is the year when you get to transform your business. Doing it, is not an easy task. One needs to get it done from a professional to generate the right traffic.

Voice search

Voice Search is the future of digital marketing. Digital marketing company in Hyderabad will help optimize and add this latest feature by which uses can find what is required using a Voice Search button rather than typing. Google Home, Siri and Alexa are few of the latest gadgets that prove that Voice Search is the trend of 2019. 20% of Google searches use Voice and it is most likely that this percentage is to increase every year.

Era of Voice Search has just started and is expected to develop in the coming years. 2019 will be a year wherein text search will remain strong but companies need to keep an eye on the evolving changes as well.

Instagram trends

Instagram trends

When you are hosting a digital media, there are numerous platforms you can rely on. Using all these sites ensures that no stone is unturned to reach out to the masses. Instagram is one such platform which is on a rise. Half the advertisements run on Instagram when compared to Facebook. As companies can easily express themselves in pictures, they find this platform much more convenient.  Instagram works better for B2C companies. Their latest addition is IGTV which will become the next big thing. Small ads can be published using this platform. One can even go live by posting Instagram stories. This will rake in good percentage of engagement rate which will help in pulling up your performance.

Facebook game

Trends in digital marketing game

Facebook is an old book subject in the digital marketing course. It still remains the number one platform with over 2.28 billion active users. Though the teens have been decreasing when it comes to Facebook user rate, but it has a good percentage of users above 30 years of age. Recently it has launched ‘augmented Reality Ads’ which has become a trend this year. It is an innovative way to help the audience visualize and experience the product before it could be even launched.


As technologies evolve one need to personalize data accordingly. A personalized content will provide good user experience and create a better atmosphere. This attracts more customers to your brand as they feel more connected. One needs to target the right audience and bring to them the most relevant ad that they can connect with. Companies can experiment with different options and optimize the ad. Split testing is one such way in which two or more ads are been used to find its effectiveness. The one that generates more views will be considered.

This year will be challenging for many digital marketers. A digital marketing agency in Hyderabad need to update themselves with the evolving changes and incorporate them into the marketing department. This ensures that you reach out to large and correct number of people. With the help of communicative marketing strategies you can analyse their needs and reach them in a better manner. This will ensure digital media success. 

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