Social Media Tools That Will Instantly Increase Your Engagement

Social Media Tools That Will Instantly Increase Your Engagement

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Posted On: 21 Mar 2019

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Automation has contributed to a great extent in the evolvement of the IT industry and is expanding its horizon each day by creating wonders and setting big examples. The increasing dependencies on automation are quite obvious because sparing out time and doing things manually has become merely impossible today.

The same applies to running a business – it is very demanding & time-consuming to run a business with a manual working pattern. Today, where there is tremendous competition in all sectors, having a successful business is quite a challenge. Social Media has played an eminent role for the businesses to capture the online market. With the increasing digitization and automation, the working has become a lot simpler and efficient. There are several tools available online that can instantly increase your engagement and give you results. Below are some popular ones:

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  • Buffer

If you want to manage and boost your social media campaign, then you must try Buffer. By using their business plan, you can schedule up to twenty thousand social media posts and access & analyse the activities made by the posts. You can also grant access up to six members of your team.

  • Crowdfire

It is a popular social media tool that helps manage and schedule content on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Topic discussion is one of the best features of Crowdfire. It also suggests the best time you should tweet. Crowdfire is a very smart tool and one must try this to get some really good results.

  • HowSociable

It is a really smart tool which tells you how popular a brand is in the online market. It does this on the ground of analysis from 32 social networking sites. With HowSociable, you can know your standing among your competitors and help you to analyse for better performance. 

  • AgoraPulse 

It is a great tool to manage your Twitter profile and generate the best engagement on Twitter. They have a user-friendly interface and have a mobile app for the convenience of users.

  • Adobe Spark 

This tool helps in creating attractive and socially engaging videos and graphics and even ads to get the best click-through-rate (CTR). It also aids in creating perfectly sized images for all social media platforms. 

  • Hootsuite  

It works similar to Buffer, where it lets you engage with more than thirty-five social media networks. It has a one-click system to create and broadcast your post across all social media platforms. 

  • TweetDeck  

It is a tool developed by Twitter which comes as a social media dashboard application to manage the twitter accounts. It makes it easy to send and receive tweets and also enables conveniently viewing profiles.

  • Bundlepost

When you have limited time to plan, create, manage your posts and social media activities, Bundlepost is the tool. It helps you out with the entire process within 20 minutes of time.

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  • Iconosquare

 This tool gives in-depth insights about your Instagram account. It tells about the number of likes, marks your most liked photo, how you made progress of your followers and a lot more. Iconosquare has successfully been able to enhance communication with Instagram followers by helping to send private messages and track all the lead conversions.

  • Post Planner

 Using this tool, you can easily plan a social media activity with an ideal content to get the best engagement with a short span of time. 

  • Pinterest Analytics

 This app gives the metrics about the number of people pinning your website, who are seeing the pins and clicking the content. All this helps to know your current performance and set improvement parameters for the future. It also shows the highest performing pins so that you can devise some insights from them and incorporate in your profile.

  •  WhoUnfollowedMe

 It is everyone’s curiosity to know about people who are unfollowing you. This is the tool which can help you out with this query. It will tell you whether your content is appealing to the users or not.

  • Sprout Social

 This tools adds speed in queries responses and makes the channel fast. It enhances the customer experience by quickly resolving the issues across all social network platforms.

  • Feedly

 This is a smart tool and tells you about the latest buzz in the social network sites. It notifies you whenever your competitor makes a tweet, gives you keyword alerts that you should change or update in your blogs or posts. 

  • Twitter Analytics

 This is a free tool to measure statistics of your Twitter account. Not only it increases engagement but also helps in creating interactive tweets and provides suggestions to improve tweets wherever required.

  • Social Mention

 When you want to know how many people are thinking & talking about you and your brand, this is the right tool to answer. It gives you complete insights based on the information gathered from over 100 social media sites.

  • Brand24

 This tool tells you about people who are talking about your brand in the online market. It also makes an analysis of your brand performance to get better insights about your customers.


Businesses who opt for a social media marketing company in Hyderabad can sit and relax as they are in the safe hands where every minute detail is taken care of to ensure a proper social media presence in the digi-world. People who are want to monitor the performance on their own, these tools can be of great help and give you an increase in the engagement with the audience rapidly and spare out your time that can be utilized for other productive activities. 

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