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Influencer marketing is a tool that harnesses the power of ‘we’. Today, more than ever, consumers are choosing to listen to each other, than what we as marketing experts, brand managers or advertisers tell them to experience. Influencers have a higher conversion rate because the influencer outreach is more personal, authentic, trusted and has value. This influencer marketing could be to improve sales, endorse an event or launch, or simply increase brand awareness.

At PurpleSyntax, we understand the behaviour behind influencers in marketing and provide end to end solutions from influencer marketing campaign creation to advertisement management, and promotions. We work closely with social media influencers with loyal following across various digital platforms. Fixing KPIs, authentic story telling, contracting, execution of the campaign, reporting and analytics constitute the influencer marketing process.

Our team of influencer marketing experts will help connect and associate with the right social media influencer of your field, fan base, potential customers, bloggers, content creators etc.

Why Purplesyntax?

We are the influence agency with the power of technique! Our technical expertise combined with our content creation abilities make us one of the top influencer marketing agencies. With our influencer marketing services, your brand will notice more impressions, actions taken and value for money.


Influencer Database

We have a clear segmented database for social media influencers across industries and platforms. We help your choose not just the right influencer but also the right platform so that your receive the maximum RoI.

Content Management

Inhouse creative talents that develop unique, original content for specific campaigns with detailed analytics of before-after scenarios. A good influencer marketing agency connects brands with the right influencers - Instagram, Facebook and TikTok influencers, bloggers & vloggers or Youtube Influencers - all for better brand engagement. We believe in giving your brand the story space it deserves, and influencers in marketing are a great, authentic way to generate organic, sustained growth.

Reporting & Analytics

That said, we have measurable, quantified KPIs where we track monitor and keep tracks of conversions and performances. Calculating the RoI for an influencer marketing campaign is tricky, but we have the right tools for it, which we track using influencer codes. PurpleSyntax provides reporting and analytics, which will detail on an influencer code usage, engagement levels and impressions it made, actionable results from the campaign.

Content Guidelines

We operate under strict content guidelines. All our content for influencer marketing or any other channel is well researched, organic and relevant. We follow a methodical approach that is equal parts creative!
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Our Process

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Setting KPIs and Objectives

Our influencer marketing process starts with setting clears goals and KPIs. What is the objective of this campaign, what its budget is, what the focus should be on given your product/service/brand - We draft the campaign based on your requirements.

Target Segment Establishment

Target segment is crucial, and we identify the demographics of the targeted customers, their interests, which social media platforms they are most active on, depending on which the influencer is chosen. This helps ensure that the marketing goal is on track, and the message reaches the intended user.

Influencer Idnetification

Our in house influencer marketing agency will identify the right influencer for the target segment established. You will have a detailed briefing about the influencers reach, data on their projected performance, and their relevance to your brand image. A legally binding contract or agreement is entered into with the influencer, so they know their obligations, commitments and rights.

Content Creation

A good Influencer talent agency not just identifies the right influencer but creates the right content to put that across to the audience. We help identify, create content and ideas that the influencers can put across, so tat there is increased engagement. We are masters of the data, and use our analytics to identify which content could work the best.

Results & Analysis

This is a very important step to understand the success of employing and influencer for your brand. Specific tools for tracking are put in place, which generate reports and metrics for all activities, which will help us understand and interpret the result.

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