How important is it having an online presence to run a business?

How important is it having an online presence to run a business?

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Posted On: 18 Nov 2019

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In today’s environment, online retail is still growing at a faster pace than offline retail. This is representative of the customer’s shift to start their buying journey from search engines. If today, you are not having an online presence you are missing on this huge opportunity to tap into this growing pie. Any business whether big or small should work towards improving their online presence. In-fact, in today’s hyper-competitive world these efforts can not only bring high brand visibility but could also drive huge conversions thereby increasing your profits manifold for long term sustainability. Improved online presence also adds a lot of credibility to businesses as today all the product searches start from search engines. Better ranking in the search results acts as a search engine’s endorsement.

The process to make an online presence is quite intriguing, involved and requires smart moves to make an impact. Though this does not happen overnight, it requires focused efforts to get impact results. Here is a list of steps that can give you true results if followed religiously.

1.  Setting up goals

No project can be ventured without setting up some pre-defined goals. There could be goals for each stage of your project or you may have a final goal. This will give you a clear picture of your desires so that you can plan strategies to achieve those desires. Goals help you to track the progress on your SEO strategies and directly add to their business value.


2.  Optimizing website

Optimizing website

Website creates the first impression on the audience as well as on the search engines. To optimize it for the search engines is extremely important as it will in-turn optimize for the audience. This optimizing demands website to be compliant with the norms of digital marketing so that it ranks well in search results. For this purpose, you can hire a website development company in Hyderabad to work on your website with the best technical expertise to bring in the desired results.


3.  Fine-tuned social media activities

Social media has been a blessing to all millennial businesses and making the best use of this opportunity is the core requirement. One should know which platform will suit them the best to promote their business to increase visibility and brand awareness. This will enhance conversions and maximize ROI. For example, if you are running an e-commerce business, you have to have a good social presence over the digital platform to promote your business. E commerce development company in Hyderabad is a pioneer of extending support to achieve this goal.


4.  Nurturing relationships

For any business, it is important to establish relationships, be it through online communities or offline participation. There are numerous groups which one can join and become active in discussions to know more about the subject.

Increasing knowledge always helps to prosper.


5.  Make analytics your best friend 

Make analytics your best friend

To track your strategies, a good platform it required. Google Analytics is a brilliant tool which allows you to monitor your daily digital activities and helps you to improve based on the results so that goals can be achieved. This is a free tool to check the performance of the website. It provides detailed statistics about the number of users visiting on your website, their browsing location, the device used, etc. Other parameters can also be set like social media tracking which tells about the users that visit social media pages and the results can be compared from the previous performances. With all these aspects, you will start being recognized as a brand and you will eventually experience great traffic. Once you have data about all parameters, you can make wiser decisions for your business.



By now, you must have understood how important building an online presence is for your business and how it helps you to get recognized and grow as a brand. This way new customers also get attracted. But all this requires structured efforts over time. Results will only start coming up if you smartly follow all the steps and strategize your business goals for long term impact. It is an ongoing process as you will need to change your strategy based on ever-changing competitive requirements and technology improvements. 

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