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The global traffic share for mobile devices will be over 82% by the end of 2020. Businesses, irrespective of their brand and size are losing appeal and fall behind because their website is not mobile responsive. Google ranks website based on responsiveness, and it is not surprising that over 7 out of 10 visitors stop engaging, go back and try another website.

Responsive design is an approach that optimises the website layout so as to present the website that caters to aesthetic appeal, ease of reading and navigation, along with minimal scrolling, resizing and panning across screen sizes and devices that offer a similar rich UI experience. At Purple Syntax, we offer Responsive web design services which is inherently smart to adapt, thereby increasing usability, development speed and migration to any device seamless.

Purple’s Syntax and Web design

Purple Syntax, apart from its excellent team of experienced professionals, who not just engineer responsive web design solutions that leverage CSS that can control layout of multiple pages simultaneously, but also follow best in class design methodologies, which improves online presence, and create a lasting impression on the user through enhanced UX and UI on all platforms. We are here to ensure that your website is responsive to fluctuations in demand, whether you want to upgrade an existing website, or build one from scratch.


Cross Channel Responsiveness

Devices come in all shapes and sizes, and it is important that the website layout should respond to all screen sizes and orientations using a single APK. We have the right tools and resources to ensure the website design layout responds to window configuration changes and multi window modes.

Intuitive UI/UX Designs

Intuitive design is the holy grail of any UI/UX. At Purple syntax, we inherently understand that the concept of intuition is not about great features but also about great design, enhanced discoverability and leading the user to what he wants.

Cross Browser Compatibility

Our website designs and web applications are highly versatile and compatible across browser, and allow them to degrade gracefully even if features are absent.

Customized Graphics

We believe in creating impressions and offering experiences. Even tiny icons are designed with care, employing skeuomorphism and affordance, which incite a response in the user.

Search-engine Friendly

Responsiveness is a key factor that affects search rankings across devices. SEO is our forte and our services include comprehensive optimisation of crawling and indexing, bot rendering, canonical tags implementation, schema recommendations, URL structuring and general structuring.
Responsive Web Design Services Company in Hyderabad India - PurpleSyntax

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Our Process Flow in Web Design

Responsive Web Design Services Company in Hyderabad India - PurpleSyntax

Research & define

Purple Syntax is a Responsive Web Design Company, where we pay great attention to detail - both the seen and the unseen. In this phase we sit together, brainstorm, understand , gather all expectations & requirements - big or small, and set definitive goals based on them

Template setting

In this process phase, we create HTML prototypes, static frameworks, priority guides and set content hierarchy based on set goals. We also define the visual guide of the website layout including style, headers, website banner design, navigation and an overall aesthetic feel the target consumer possibly desires. Our prime focus is on serving needs and solving issues with a content first approach that communicates to the user at all times.

Design & CMS

We then finalise the design layout and deploy it onto the website, after addition of specific features, and interactivity, based on SEO techniques that boost listing and visibility. A code responsive template is created and uploaded to the server, with testing across multiple devices so that it is in tandem with our requirements. We use state of the art CMS & WCMS including Wordpress, Drupal, Wix and Joomla to ensure perfect integration of web content to create and manage content.


The most important phase - your website going live. However, our job is not over yet, as we carefully monitor and look for any glitches, besides creating a Use report system, make sure the website runs smoothly, there are compromises on downtime, and fix bugs.

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