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Now, more than ever, one can confidently say that this is the most wonderful time for a business. With one click, and the comfort of your office/home-office, you can understand, analyse and predict your customer’s actions. It is a time where great opportunity behests itself in all pervasiveness, but also with fierce competition. Planning, managing, and optimising digital channels through clear KPIs to achieve targets can be overwhelming.

PurpleSyntax offers an integrated digital strategy planning, that not only helps you find a solid footing, but also increased brand visibility, wider customer reach, improved revenue amongst many other things. We believe in a balanced art+science approach, where we give equal weight to content, visual assets social media and customer reach as equally to performance tracking, analytics, and targeted performances. Our approach to digital marketing is strategic and objective and clearly reflects in our business metrics.

Why Purplesyntax?

At PurpleSyntax, we pride ourselves on partnering with companies to help convert their dreams into reality, through our digital expertise. Digital marketing is our home ground, and we understand the playing field like no one else, and have emerged into a reliable digital design consultant over the years.


Sustainable Digital Impact

Our approach to digital strategy development is organic first. We work with a variety of industries and domains. We believe that an organic SEO approach will help gain traction, profitable acquisitions and consistently produce results. We also analyse and understand the market you operate within to built the best suited paid search campaign.

Low Development & Operational Costs

Our pricing models are flexible - you can choose between dedicated resource teams to fixed time-price models, depending on your requirement and business needs. PurpleSyntax provides the most competitive pricing in the market for the quality and standards we deliver in mobile app development services.

Advances Analytics

We integrate the best of our creative advertising and data driven analytics to deliver scaled data projects. Data visualisation dashboards, and clear metrics serve as our milestones to reach your digital marketing strategy roadmap.

Commitment & Expertise

PurpleSyntax has over 10 years of experience in the digital marketing domain. We combine our unmatched expertise, experience and inherent commitment to deliver the best on time to create the perfect inbound digital marketing strategy for you.

Customised Solutions

We do not follow a readymade approach to digital marketing. Every client is unique, and so are their business goals. We work closely with every client and create a customised, special strategy that is exclusive to your business goal.

Unmatched Quality & Price

Our quality of deliverables is unmatched and so is our price.
Digital Strategy and Planning company in Hyderabad India - PurpleSyntax

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Digital Strategy development Services company in Hyderabad India - PurpleSyntax

Our Strategy

Digital Strategy and Planning Services in Hyderabad India - PurpleSyntax


Our digital marketing strategy development process begins with a deep deliberation with the client - Where are you positioned now, a digital market place SWOT report card, a deep capacity audit, and what could your goal possibly be. This helps us put everything in hand on the board, and craft the best fit strategy.
We then chalk out the other half of the deliberation - Where do you want to see yourself as a brand x years from now, how much do you want to grow, where should you plug revenue leakages, how can you add value to the brand.
This gives a clear understanding of your product/service, the market in which you operate, which areas require planning, which require action, and which require both. The deliberation stage is crucial because it is the precursor to everything - if you are a B2B organisation, our approach would be different from the strategy we design for a B2C firm.

Planning & Action

We use the smart RACE digital marketing planning framework to help achieve your business value propositions.
Reach - reach out to your customer base across channels through owned, paid or earned media with focus on ssegmentation, targeting & positioning and overall digital inbound marketing.
Act - compiling leads from all sources, and acting upon every customer interaction and add considerable Online value proposition.
Convert - watch leads convert into sales through systematic Integration & adding to the customer database as we move along the digital strategy roadmap.
Engage - Building customer relationships, ensure they return and are retained. Areas which drive customer loyalty are researched and analysed through Content & engagement strategy.


What is a good strategy without some nice feedback? We use a bouquet of tools to capture all the impressions our strategy has made including Hootsuite, Mailchimp, Hubspot, Google analytics etc. which is a treasure trove of data and insight for our digital strategy planning and user experience consulting results. This valuable feedback loop will help identify focus areas, measure success and a metric to ensure we are in line with our goal.

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