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Android boasts of a 70% market share in the smart phone world. It is an incredible operating system in terms of flexibility, reach and availability with more than 80 crore users across the globe. Imagine tapping into that treasure chest, and making a few million of those users your customers! Custom Android application development is almost a necessity today if you own an online business or have a digital presence for your brand.

At PurpleSyntax, we help you turn your brilliant business ideas into a game changing android application with our expertise.

Our android app development services are efficient, effective and value for your buck, helping accomplish your goals. We have developed and taken the Android application business across verticals and industries including enterprise apps, utility apps, e-commerce apps, gaming apps, service offering apps - all that seamlessly run across devices and versions. Our team of expert Java developers create fully functional Android applications that are are next level genius in terms of seamlessly blending with our aesthetically appealing UI/UX designs.

Why Purplesyntax?

Android app development is one of our many areas of expertise. Our team of developers understand Android Apps like no other, crafting intuitive apps that help your business reach new heights.

We believe that our success is in delivering quality Android applications that are scalable, robust and give the user an easy navigable experience. PurpleSyntax is an experienced Android application development company, where we have the skillset, strength and strategy to rightfully develop and design the right application for your business.

Android Design & Consulting

Our team of Android developers employ the best practices in the industry and design techniques that make sure the application user experience is enhanced and interactive. A thorough, well researched market study including peer competitive analysis helps us understand, validate and forecast projections for your business in terms of digital growth through this channel.

Custom Android App Development & Automated Testing

Our Android app solutions are highly scalable and customisable, because we understand that this is a long term digital investment. We consider all your specifications, and build with attention to detail, that help manage, collate and streamline business operations with higher efficiency. Our Quality Assurance team use the right strategies and tools to improve your app in terms of minimising downtime and bugs.

Improved ASO

As a top Android app development company, we enjoy the distinction of being an end to end development and digital marketing agency, which gives us a clear advantage. We understand ASO like no one else does, and this can help you app list better in the Play store, with improved visibility and higher downloads.

Android App Maintenance & Modernization

Our Android app maintenance services include ASO audit, strategies to improve productivity, functionality enrichment and feature improvement making your app better and consistent. We also offer app modernisation services, that add value to your business, give your existing app a makeover putting it in one with the current trends in design.
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Our Process

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Our process for android app development services begins with strong planning that includes requirement analysis, drawing project plans, internal resource plans and discussing scoping. This makes sure we are on the right page in terms of business requirements, value addition and budget.


The next step to building a robust Android app is good design. In this step, we build the basic Wireframe and prototype where you can see the skeletal structure of how your app will possibly look like. This also includes the very crucial specification documentation for all future uses.

Development & Integration

In this step, our team sets out to the real building exercise, with Architectural design, integrations across layers and functionalities, while paying attention to user interface and experience implementation.

Quality Check & Testing

The importance of quality being a no negotiable area can never be stressed enough, and through rigorous user acceptability test cases, compatibility, automation, security, function and feature and other testings your application is almost good to go! We also check for the app’s distribution readiness and a general public approval readiness for release.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

In this step of the Android development lifecycle, we monitor, observe and diagnose metrics, and organise infrastructure for continuous optimisation. The app sphere is a dynamic space, and we constantly run diagnostics, both manual and automated to check for requirement of updates, patches and also generate actionable insights from the user end.

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