What is Affiliate Marketing and FAQs

What is Affiliate Marketing and FAQs

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Posted On: 10 Apr 2019

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Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing approach, which involves paying commission through a merchant to other online entities called affiliates. This commission is paid for the sake of referring new business to the website of the merchant. In this marketing, affiliates get paid only when an actual transaction takes place with the help of the promotional efforts conducted by the affiliates. The whole idea is that you promote someone’s product on your website and earn a commission from the seller if people buy that product from your website.

Affiliate marketers

 Affiliate Marketing works on a revenue-sharing model where you can offer rewards to your promoters through affiliate programs in order to have more sales. To have a successful affiliate marketing, you need to really work hard on promoting your website where the products are displayed. People use different digital marketing methods like Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Search Engine Marketing(SEM), E-mail marketing, Content marketing, Blogging and display advertising to get traffic to the merchant’s website. Digital Marketing plays an important role in the success of affiliates. Pay per click agency can do the marketing task pretty well especially in creating and driving marketing methods for Affiliate marketers. 


1. How do I make money through Affiliate Marketing?

All you need to get traffic on your website where you are promoting products. You can do this by running banner ads, writing content or social media ads. This way people will know about you, visit your website and buy products from there. And you get your commission.    

Affiliate marketers

2. How are Affiliate marketers paid?

There are numerous ways: Pay per sale, pay per lead and pay per click. Merchants get paid only when there is any transaction made with the efforts of promotion. 

3. How often are Affiliate marketers paid?

On 5th of every month the payments are validated and every month on the 15th or the next working day, payments are made.

4. How much is the commission?

It completely depends on the percentage of total sales. But in some cases, it may also be a flat fee for any transaction made. In short, the decision lies in the hands of the merchant. 

5. Is there any initial investment to use Affiliate Marketing?

There is no need for any cost investment for this service. It just requires an investment of efforts.

6. Are there any pre-requisites to become an Affiliate Marketer?

There is no prior requirement as such. However, knowledge about affiliate marketing and related topics will be an added advantage.

7. How do I become an Affiliate Marketer?

Fill out and submit the online registration form. It takes up to 3 days for approval. The final status (approved or declined) will be notified through email.

8. I have just submitted my registration form. What next?

Wait for 3 working days to get the verdict through email.

9. Do I need to have my website?

Yes, you need to have a website to start affiliate marketing.

10. Are there any prior specifications that my website should meet?

Nothing as such but it should adhere to the network terms and conditions.

11. Do I need to have a registered company before I start working with you?

No, there is no such requirement. You can choose to be paid as an individual & not as a company. You can mention how you want to get paid while filling up the registration form.

12. Is there any formal agreement to accept from I become one?

All you need to agree to the terms and conditions of Linkwise Affiliate Network.

13. Can I place the product ads alongside ads from Google Adsense or any other advertising networks?

Yes, you can do anywhere, there are no restrictions.

14. Can I stop promoting the products at any given point of time?

Sure, there is no commitment as such. It is completely your choice and right.

15. Can I choose which advertisers to promote?

Yes, you have the freedom to choose the advertisers & programmes you want to promote on your website.

16. Is it possible to change the creative I use?

Yes, you can for as many times you want. It is completely your choice for however time you want to use your creative for. There is no defined and committed period.

 17. Do I have to pay tax?

Your charted accountant will be the best person to answer this.

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