How to grow page visits monthly from 100 to 20000?

How to grow page visits monthly from 100 to 20000?

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Posted On: 02 Mar 2019

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Today it is everyone’s dream to grab the maximum web traffic on to their websites or blogs to have a successful online business. This article focuses on the tactics that work the best to drive in more and more people and give you the best number of visitors. Let us see how:

1. Email Marketing

It is one of the strongest channels to spread across the message and attract numerous people towards your business. Once people start knowing about your business, they will definitely come to your website to get more insights. There you can take email ids of the visitors and make a database to further send across information about your products and services, regularly.

2. Great Content

Focus on writing rich content that is well-descriptive and knowledgeable. Both web content and blogs are equally important to rank on top in view of the customers. Web content is the base of your portfolio which will set your first impression before the audience. Use appropriate language and content that can be appreciated by the viewers. While writing blogs, ensure that the content is very detailed yet not boring. It should cover all possible keywords that your competitors may not think of. Proper Content writing does half of the job.


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3. Hire Content writers

As you would know, Content is always the king in the digital market. Using this power, you must ensure that you can at least not lagging behind by any means with respect to content. Approach good writers and contract them to write blogs regularly for your business to increase the online visibility of your company and to help you stand more evident in the digital market space.

4. Include Media

While developing content and promoting your business on various platforms, make sure you use plentiful photos and videos that are distinct and glaring to the audience and of course meaningful with respect to the context. Visual content always leaves an impression in mind and helps in remembering the content.

5. Become people’s choice

While establishing the business, your sole aim should be making customers that are loyal to your brand. And trust, it is not difficult to achieve. All you need is to be loyal towards your audience, then only they can reciprocate. Take out time to reach out to them and answer their queries and emails in the most polite manner. Give them the faith to build confidence in your brand. This will help them to stay connected with you for the longest time.

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6. Think of Partnerships

If at all you feel things are not working out the way they should, partnering with a potential brand is of no harm. This will not only double up the energies but also increase the reach of your products and services. It is always better to look for a deal than to lose a deal.


Having good number of visitors not only gives you a good business but also add value for the online reputation management services. If you sincerely follow the above key points, you will definitely see a jump in the visitor’s count and surely have a better business. Fortunately, there are some really good digital marketing services in Hyderabad that you can rely on and hope for great results.

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