Web design trends impact the industry in 2020

Web design trends impact the industry in 2020

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Posted On: 10 Jan 2020

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Web design is aimed at providing information to the clients that they are in need of, quickly and effectively. A website should be able to able to make a good balance of functionality and originality. Year 2020 is going to be little different than this year. A good user experience and outstanding layout is not just an extra factor, but a necessity. A successful website needs to obtain all these in order to create a good brand image.

Along with a mix of graphic design and evolving technology, a web site should also be customer friendly. At the end of the day, customer centric is all visitors are looking for. Adapting the modern web design, web designers are also pushing in their innovative ideas to create a piece that stands out. Thus year 2020 calls for latest UX designs that will create an impact next year.

Voice user interface

Gadgets like Google Home, Alexa, Siri are known names that have captured the market in 2019. 2020 calls for providing similar user experience but on a website. This experience is all about voice user interface. It makes human interaction with computer possible. This interface understands and follows the human commands and operated accordingly. It also answers accurately to the questions asked. This conversion of text to speech is been adapted by the latest technology.

Many MNC’s like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Google have invested billions in adapting this latest technology. Developers are trying to improve and bring in more features of AI assistants. This year is the beginning of developing and adapting VUI. As the technology progresses, many websites will be adapting this.

Video experience

Web design trends in 2020

 A video helps building a long impact on the customers. For example, Instagram had started with IGTV to help showcase videos that interest the viewers. This is to create a long lasting impact on the viewers. This trend will stay for 2020 and coming years. Businesses should increase their video content that would display the brand. A demo video is not enough, but real customers coming forward and speaking about their user experience.

Using this video trend, web designers can develop any of the following ideas:

Using videos to answer the FAQ’s that would talk and discuss about top 10 questions.

A video that displays the company culture and career options available.

Company can also create a video of the different ways a product can be put into use.

Creating videos that make a purpose and provide valuable information to customers will generate more views. Once they view the video, you can ask them to drop down their suggestions in the comment section and make improvements wherever necessary.

Chat box and AI

Web design trends in 2020 chat box

 As AI is essential for digital marketing, Chat box also helps contribute in making activities digital. 25% of customer service and support activities will be taken care by the Chat box technology by 2020. Using virtual customer assistant and Chat box, customer queries can be solved. Thus it is predicted that 85% of customer interactions will be taken care by Chat boxes or Virtual assistant that will be available 24/7. Customers can contact and reach the company any time of the day in order to perform desired actions. For example, if a customer wishes to make a travel booking, he or she might have numerous queries related to the country, time of flight, hotel booking and more. Chat boxes will advance over the year and will be able to provide instant gratification.

2020 year is all about improving and adapting the latest technology in the websites. Customers require instant answers to their queries. This demand needs to be fulfilled, if not company is expected to witness a downfall in their sales.

Mobile responsiveness

2019 has witnessed majority of its customers coming from mobile apps. Amazon, Google search engine, Flipkart and more, all these generate sales from mobile users. Thus a website should be mobile responsive in terms of design and operation. A web design only operative on PC will not work in 2020. In fact a version for mobile should be by default appear on the users’ tablet. A responsive mobile design will make surfing easy and quick.

There are many such trends that 2020 is going to witness. Some of the trendiest apps, design in terms of colour coordination also needs to be taken care of. Digital marketing services in Hyderabad like PurpleSyntax are known for their professional and quality work. They know ways to stay ahead in terms of marketing and design. Companies can even get their website design updated or choose to create a whole new design. This digital marketing company in Hyderabad aims at creating a website that would help in creating more visitors which will lead to more sales. 

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