How to plan and create a perfect landing page?

How to plan and create a perfect landing page?

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Posted On: 30 Sep 2019

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Landing page helps draw and built customers creating a higher percentage of converting visitors into leads. Survey suggests that good landing pages have about 20% to 25% of conversion rate. This means that websites hold a very minute portion of converting site traffic into real customers. There are various elements that a top notch landing page requires. All these elements depend on the goals of your website. In addition to goal, there are various factors that SEO Company needs to consider before they start designing a landing page.

Analyse the audience

Analyse target audience

If you have been promoting well, you are sure to get audience from various sources. Social media visitors should have a different landing page from that of Pay Per Click visitors. Based on the need of the visitors, if possible one should customize the landing pages The information should be displayed to them from Facebook or Twitter should be different from that of monthly newsletter. Therefore, take into consideration the text that will draw them to the original site. Based on their expectations and platforms, text needs to be created which will land them on a particular page of the site.

Also, make sure that the landing page speaks to only a particular group of audience. Thus a business needs to create various landing pages and run many ads. With different headlines and tweaks, the ad needs to be modified.

Demographics of the traffic source

Based on the originating source, web designers need to find out a familiarity with the brand of the visitors. Understanding the visitors will help you design the content in a better way. If the visitors are keen on knowing the product quality or origin of the product, the information should be based on the same which will ultimately bring them to the original site.

Never direct them to the Home page directly

Home page as the landing page isn’t the apt place to display all the company information. As a company would have a lot to display. But all customers need not look for the same information. Thus, it is essential to mention only specific information on the landing page. Businesses also need not introduce their key information or business profile in their first visit. If your home page or sub-pages are great then a dedicated landing page will work better in such a case and help convert visitors into leads.

Objective should be simple and crisp

Having said that first time visitors need not absorb too much company information, the idea remains the same even for landing pages. Be it one or multiple landing pages, it need not be loaded with information. Be clear with what information the page should carry. One simple tip that could be used is to absorb that information that would attract them the most. Limit the amount of copy, image sand links to only what is important and would matter to them. Only if your call to action (CTA) is clear, it would help generate more traffic.

A clean simple page should be maintained for landing pages, but the approach should also be simplistic. There should be no distractions like pop ups or any extra information that could distract them from the goal. Bullet points also work well when there is too much detailed explanation about the product or service.

To begin with this, take into account the key information that would unfold the visitors. Based on the direct line of vision, information should be added. If they are keen on finding more information about a particular part you can definitely put across more information keeping it discreetly hidden. A clean and attractive design will attract more visitors allowing them to display information in a non-intrusive way. Another option one could also use is video landing pages. Over whelming visitors can any day read the text and click on the video to get additional data. Also consider highlighting the key points providing them an option to click, see more option or read more text to view in more details.

Define the action of the visitors

Most Wanted Action (MWA) is the one action that visitors should take on the landing page. Depending upon your product and strategy, landing page should be designed. If the product is expensive or complex, companies need to draw the visitors to start a subscription of newsletter. Regular newsletter will help built relationship with the customers. A month free trial is another example software and entertainment industry uses.

Design the landing page

Landing page

Landing page is all that visitors get to see when they click on the ad. This is the action that one needs thus it is essential to pay heed to the design. In terms of visual design, it should look appealing. A clustered layout could be possible if you add on all the company information. Do not try innovative ways when it comes to fundamentals. A simple yet basic layout is enough to navigate your message to the audience.

Based on the action that the company is expecting from the visitors, the landing page can be structured. Whether you want them to subscribe to the newsletter or purchase a product or avail a service, its important to structure the page and focus on the action. This will help eliminate distractions and help readers achieve a certain goal.

A good web development company can make the company look smart. This remains true in case of landing pages as well. To help conversion, first optimize the strategy and think of ways you can make customer experience positive. In this text related world, make sure you write well that would appeal them. At the same time, text should remain consistent with the images and other elements of your ad. This affects the conversion rates. 

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