How to work smart with AdWords Display campaigns?

How to work smart with AdWords Display campaigns?

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Posted On: 21 Jul 2018

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Sometimes, while applying advertising marketing strategies to your business, people just pour the money down the drain without envisioning the requirements. Google’s Display Network is huge and has an open platform to show your ads to anyone. This might look fascinating but it is actually not a good choice. You will eventually lose the quality of impressions and clicks and realize a lesser conversion rate than expected. This usually happens with people who do not opt for the best digital marketing company to cater their goals. To strategically become part of Google’s family, you should run-down four effective tips that can lead you to more number of conversions.

1.   Understand the difference between keywords and search

Instead of focusing on keyword based advertising where your ad is display based on the exact keyword you enter, centralize on a different strategy that works well with display marketing. Though hair-line, yet there is some difference in the approach. All you need is to stuff your keywords as broad match without the plus sign, brackets or quotation symbol. But make sure that you don’t over stuff as google will start looking for keywords way too broadly and ultimately the right targeting will be hampered. Restrict yourself to 15-20 keywords.

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2.   Take benefit of Negative placements

You can control your ads from being displayed at the places you want to, using negative placements. Sometimes, with the fear of overlapping strategies and unnecessary spending money for that display of ads, use negative keywords to ensure there is display to unique audience only. You can also monitor where your ads are being displayed using placement report in the AdWords. There you have the option to exclude the irrelevant audience. This acts like a filter and works really well in saving money appropriately.

3.   Wedge the Ad types

Maintain separate ad groups for different types of ads. Like for text ads, image ads, HTML ads, responsive ads, etc., keep a separate header ad group, so that you can easily add/edit/ delete ads from them based on their performance. They all might work differently and you may not want to run all of them every time, in that case, this approach is very useful.

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4.   Have your own affinity audience

With the launch of Custom Affinity Audiences, you can create your own audience. Using this feature, you can measure the audience size, topics of those related websites and demographics. This way you can target efficiently and precisely.

Thus, aim to reach out to relevant users instead of targeting everyone and spoiling your budget. This way you can efficiently achieve the benefits of sem marketing and reach your goals. Being an important part of the top digital marketing services, proper research and experience can only cater this form of marketing. It is always recommended to play safe when advertising budgets are concerned. Unnecessary exhausting money without gaining any benefit is worthless. For that, approach any bespoke digital marketing agency and utilize the best of services.

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