Top 10 Best Blogging Platforms

Top 10 Best Blogging Platforms

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Posted On: 07 Jun 2021

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Top 10 Best Blogging Platforms

Do you have great ideas, content and thoughts that are so awesome that it has to be shared with the world? Or just a memoir for personal interests you’d want to come back and look at? Or give out useful information, share interests, learn things along your journey and build a broader audience? A blog is a great place for you! And no, even in 2021 it hasn’t lost its relevance.

Social media marketing professionals from the best content marketing company in Hyderabad strongly assert that good content in any form will be consumed and received well. Blogging is the original old school social media, and it has returned in style!

Here are some awesome platforms, their pros and cons that you can use to build your blog.


This is a veteran in the blogging space. A great solution for personal blogs, it used to be very popular before the younger, newer platforms took over. It is easy to use  all you have to do is create a profile, choose a theme (they have a range of default themes), and that’s it you are ready to go! Blogger works well for text heavy blogging, with it’s editor being similar to a word document. It’s themes can be customized easily, like your basic phone wallpaper, use plugins and widgets. You can also up your ante once your blog gets popular through advertisement space.


tumblr - blogging platform

This is a personal favorite, simply because of the amazing media like interface it provides, and the rich interactions it has access to. One of the earliest blogging sites in the veteran club, this one, despite not falling under the category of serious blogging, was a hit. It has a more chilled out interface, and all you need to do is sign up and start posting!

You can post content of your choice, with multiple post formats, opinions, and personal ideas. This is a good platform for personal posting. That said, you can still monetize your blog through affiliate links and use Google analytics to track your metrics.


Wix content management system

Wix is a super easy to use website building platform. It boasts of intuitive design and is a hit with beginner bloggers with its drag and drop features. All you have to do to get started on Wix is set up an account, pick a template and start hosting. Folks from leading content writing services in Hyderabad like Wix also because it creates a personalized website for you when you answer a few questions through it’s AI tool!

You can also play around with drag and drop menus, video and multimedia spaces and blocks for content.


Medium has gained popularity over the years as a space for people who love reading and writing. All you do is create an account and start publishing on anything and everything! Medium has over 65 million readers to it’s credit and this is a huge asset. Imagine being read by even a fraction of that number! You do not have a website like Wix or WordPress, but more like an account for serious word-based content.


WordPress - content management system

The undisputed queen of blogging, WordPress is a free platform where blogging is like a DIY hobby that you will grow to enjoy. The basic features are free, and if you want to add on, and load it with features all you have to do it pay a reasonable fee. You can also use WordPress hosting services like Hostinger, Fastcomet or Bluehost and the others if you find hosting a chore.


Ghost looks and feels much like a combination of WordPress an medium. This is a WordPress-like blogging platform when it comes to set up and hosting, with the feel of Medium. You can use hosting assistants or do it yourself, which is slightly more difficult than WordPress. Once your website is ready, you can start posting. We love the dynamic preview feature that shows how your blog would look when it goes live.


Joomla -CMS

Joomla is a strong contender against WordPress and has been gaining popularity because of its flexibility. This can be used for text-rich blogging and also to build business websites through it’s easy to integrate extensions and plugins. The editor is tabbed, and just like MS-Word which makes it super easy to use.


Surprise! LinkedIn is known for being a professional networking space, and that is exactly why is makes a great blogging space. With it’s huge unique customer base, that is relatively spam free and one of the most organic media spaces around, it makes for a great platform to showcase your thoughts. Especially when it comes to business ideas, or personal views that you want to get noticed for on a professional network – this is the platform to be! The tools are easy to use. Just go to start a post and boom!


Weebly is a website building platform that makes for a great blogging space. It has drag and drop elements similar to Wix, and you can customize it the way you want to. A really nice feature is its built in analytics, and a paid option for a customized domain name.


Jimdo is a great free blogging platform with basic features if you want to test your entry into the blogging space. It helps you create a website on your own through an AI based tool when you answer a few basic questions. The live post builder is both an advantage and disadvantage – not having a separate editor might need some getting used to experience. On the whole a great no nonsense blogging space.
So, if blogging is on your mind, and you don’t know where to start, we have got you sorted!

This list has been put together by experts from a leading Wordpress development company in Hyderabad.

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