Tips to optimize voice search

Tips to optimize voice search

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Posted On: 28 Feb 2020

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Voice search was a technology innovation that was fantasized but very people actually used it. But since thenit has developed significantly. The updated service emphasized on the using of natural language as it aimed to understand the user’s context and intent of the enquiry. With the growing demand of brand and technology, voice search is going to play an indispensable role in the future of marketing. It is no longer an exclusive domain of tablets and phones. There are many other platforms where voice search can work, some of them do not have screens either. People can now perform voice search on the go using various platforms.

Tips to optimize voice search, Purplesyntax

We need optimization for voice search as it is the most essential part in the SEO process. Most of SEO Company in Hyderabad focus on incorporating voice search for new businesses. Siri and Alexa are also built on the same platform wherein voice assistants help play a significant part of online search. With the growing years, the future seems to witness more of voice search which will further enhance the use by SEO experts. One need to focus on ways to improve voice search optimization.

Perfect your local SEO

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According to a survey, around 39% people use voice search to locate a business address or phone number of a particular city. Thus it is essential to optimize your local SEO. Updating your Google page and keeping the right information with exact address, contact details and the opening and closing hours will enable to generate more visitors. For instance, searcher looking for the ‘a salon near me’, Google site will provide the right business details to your future customer. Digital marketing services in Hyderabad rely on optimizing the local searches by adding authentic reviews about the business product or service. Google also rates you based on the highest ratings. 

Focus on improving site speed

It remains true that voice search is only used for smart phones and devices like Alexa, Siri and others. But developers should focus on making the website- mobile optimization. In that case, visitors will view your website as it loads quickly. The page will load in less than 2 seconds. When your site is mobile optimized, users will quickly use voice search and in 1 second the page will be up for viewing. In longer cases, there is a higher possibility that users will switch to another website that takes lesser time. This bounce back rates will make websites suffer.

Understand the researchers

Voice search is still not been used full-fledged been developed and adapted by searchers. Though searches have been separated from that of desktop and mobile, voice search will still take time. The reason being naturally used voice search. Due to the searchers conversational nature, search becomes more detailed. Thus search console automatically excludes maximum search using the words used in the search. Once you understand the way searchers perform the voice research, websites will be able to drive more traffic thus enabling to optimize the site better.

Long tail keywords

Long tail keywords is another issue that human voice uses. There is a huge difference in text based search and voice search. Formulation of query doesn’t remain the same. While typing, you are sticking to keywords which search console uses to formulate results. Whereas in voice search, searchers form complete sentence which makes the Search console perform results around the query. For example, typing would make searchers type ‘Chinese Food in TsimTsaTui’, this differs when you speak over voice search as ‘where can I find the best Kung Pao Chicken near me?’. This means that every business needs to optimize their content to serve long tail keywords so that they can answer the queries specifically.

Capitalize on the content

The core reason for people using the search engine is to get answers to their queries. As stated earlier, voice search is more about using long tail keywords. In such a case, you need to capitalize on more questions possible on a particular topic. Next step is to answer those questions across all marketing channels. This will allow you to provide more voice optimized content to the searchers which will lead you to the top. The more optimized your content is, the higher the chances are to be on the top of the search engine as they will be more fed by the voice devices.

Getting the right business information and details isn’t enough when it comes to voice search. Voice search is just the beginning of the era. There are many more developments to come in. as the users continue to grow, many more developments it will witness. Optimizing the content is equally essential. It is important to structure the content so that Google can find you easily. To stay ahead of the game technical SEO matters. This will help you be ahead of the game by optimizing your content. Once the content is optimized it will show up on the search engine results. There are numerous SEO strategies and skills that one can use to power up voice strategy in the coming years.

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