The interconnection between SEO, Social Media Marketing & Content Marketing

The interconnection between SEO, Social Media Marketing & Content Marketing

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Posted On: 05 Jan 2018

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If you have any or very little knowledge about digital marketing or if you are planning to take your business online then, it is a sure thing that you have heard about the popular phrases used in there. These could have included terms like SEO, Social media marketing, content marketing, internet marketing, e-mail marketing, influencer marketing...

Have you ever thought about how they might be connected or if there any difference between them, what could it be?

In today’s market, every alternate day there is a new term being introduced describing how you could promote your brand online. It must have for sure disgusted the marketing companies to stay updated and rebrand themselves so as to attain new customers and also to maintain the existing ones. But, to their relief, it is observed that the terms used to describe the so called new methods are having the same base. In fact, all of these methods were always known but they didn’t have any term associated with them.


Content Marketing and SEO –

What does the term Content marketing mean and how does it differ from SEO?

SEO is a technique which is used to optimize your indexing on the search engines by creating a lot of content. The content created here needs to be of quality which has to be posted on your website. Google then looks at your website and learns about it, to match it to the search queries for which it could serve as an appropriate answer. Apart from this, there are various other factors like back links which could help ranking your website on the top in search engine.

Content marketing on the contrary, is about offering engagement to your website or blog such that people would love to read it. By writing quality content, you can gain regular readers and get organic or unpaid likes, shares and referrals. Thus, eventually gaining more traffic and building the trust of your visitor to a point that they are ready to share your article among others.

In other words, both SEO and content marketing is about writing a lot of content which is of high quality. Thus, they go hand in hand.


Content Marketing and Social Media –

The same is the case in content marketing and social media.


Because you need to share the very best thing on your social media accounts to get more traffic to your website. And a very best thing in terms of sharing would be either a very well written article or a very nice image which could catch an interest of the beholder or a video which could transfer as much knowledge as possible. Likewise, it is advisable to include social sharing buttons on the top of your article or blog which could be like an invitation for your readers to share your content with other users on social media. Only if you have content on your website then they will be able to share on social media.

Also, the posts you post on twitter or facebook are themselves content; thus, you can call social media marketing as another form of content marketing or vice-versa.


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