Few Page Optimization Techniques That Google Hates

Few Page Optimization Techniques That Google Hates

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Posted On: 08 Apr 2021

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SEO techniques cannot be successful in short term. There are basically two types of SEO techniques known as white hat and black hat. White hat are basically SEO techniques that take time to build and work well in the long term whereas the black hat are SEO strategies that don’t take much time to build and are a short cut way for people to build their strategies. But, this only proves to be successful in the short term and hence are not sustainable. There were various websites that had to face penalties for such tactics. Google has now become even more smarter and upgrades it’s algorithm every single day. The reason as to why there are more black hat SEO is because white hat strategies take a lot of time and expertise. 

Let’s look at some of the optimization techniques that google hates:

1. Keyword stuffing 

Value to readers is one of the most important aspect that any SEO and content marketing should provide. Earlier it was quite easy for the marketers as they could produce little content and get away with it. The quality and quantity of content was never up to the mark. But, even after that they could be found on the top of the search result. Keyword stuffing is one of the most easiest content tactic. Good SEO services in Hyderabad aim to provide efficient keyword. It was way easy for marketers to identify the keywords that would rank their content higher. But the actual content would not be of high quality and would not really provide you with the right kind of information. 

2. Targeting Keywords for Traffic, Not Intent

As mentioned above marketers used keywords to only gain traffic. It was not with the intent of proving valuable information to the audience. They only wanted to increase their traffic and that was the sole reason. Users would reach their page and find that the information provided isn’t aligned to what they were looking for. High volume keywords surely allow you to drive traffic to your page but targeting keywords that aren’t relevant to your brand will surely cause harm. Confusing search engines is surely a penalizing aspect.  

3. Unnatural linking

Unnatural linking

Linking internally can be the most powerful strategy for SEO if it’s done properly by SEO company in Hyderabad. It lets you connect web-pages which create a flow or path for you to follow. It connects one content to the other which makes understanding the content better. 

But this is not the case for all the marketers. Some marketers link it on a fine line. If you continue to link your page to top sites google will soon flag your page. 

4. Unique Pages for Every Keyword Variation

The role of keywords have changed. Previously they were highly essential and were used for ranking the page higher. Previously we also mentioned how keywords were used to appear on top of the search pages. Therefore, now the way rankings are done has changed. It is no more dependent only on keywords. Therefore using relevant keywords is essential and just using multiple keywords it will no more boost your rankings. At one point this was a possibility and was highly important, but now just adding high level keywords isn’t the way to appear on top in search pages. 

4. Spammy Footers 

Footers are highly important to users. It makes things easier for users. Teachers users more about your brand, helps to navigate through key sections of your page, help them find relevant information. Other important information like location, contact, directions, policies etc can be found on footer. Therefore having spammy footers will surely be a no for Google. Footers are essential part of any page and therefore they need to be informative and relevant. 

6. Content swapping

Another way of manipulating the rank was content swapping. This is clearly a black hat strategy for ranking. The way it was done is

  • publish content to your website
  • Give it sometime and wait for Google to crawl and index that content
  • Then verify that page is shown in results
  • Block the page from Being indexed
  • And, swap it with the content that you want to actually put. 

People actually got away with this when Google was slow to re-index the page after the content was swapped. 

Therefore the above are few black hat strategies that are now no more in use and should be avoided completely. Google is way faster now and they do penalize if any such thing is done. 

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