8 Things to do when your Traffic suddenly drops

8 Things to do when your Traffic suddenly drops

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Posted On: 28 Nov 2018

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It is really tragic for any website developer/owner if a sudden drop in the search engine traffic is experienced. Well, in those situations, you need not to panic and instead, you should start reviewing things to find out where you went wrong. Though there can be numerous reasons to it. All you need is to check-mark the below points, then you should majorly be done with the inspection. Let us discuss some of the common issues that happen and result in the loss of web-traffic.

1. Redirects

The feature of redirecting is used to when the users want to transit from an old page to a new page. Using a 301 redirect, conveys to Google that the page has been permanently moved to another location and is free to pass rank metrics from old to the new page.

You should keep a record of all the redirects to avoid any loss of information and you will always have a solution to take backup. Also to find out if the redirects are valid or not, you can just take a few of the files from the backup list and check those by visiting the page. You can also put them in the redirect checker or also use Google search engine.

2. Website Blocked

This is one of the common reasons for a drop in web traffic. Sometimes unknowingly you tend to block the website. The possible reasons could be:

  • if you are updating your website, or
  • re-designing the entire website

Generally, in both the cases the developer/ designer neglects to remove

  • noindex & nofollow codes from the design templates
  • disallow from the robots.txt file
  • uncheck-boxing "Discourage search engines from indexing this site" option in the settings pane, if the website is designed in Wordpress.

It is suggested to consult a website development company in Hyderabad to ensure a proper dealing of all prospects.

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3. Google updates

You have to stay in tune with the Google update as and when it announces. Google has the phenomenon to keep changing the algorithms from time to time, though the updates could be large or small, they need to be taken care of. You may not always see an announcement of these updates, but there are certain tools and blogging websites like moz.com, semrush.com, that keep a good track of these updates. All you need to be a little active on these websites to avoid being hit by Google and losing out on traffic and ranking.

4. Link spam

It is again one of the major reasons for the loss in web traffic onto your website. Link spam occurs when the marketing companies try to create a huge amount low-quality links like directory submissions, press releases, etc or buying links to strategize your SEO. This immaturity hampers the website performance and drastically affects the website traffic. Thus, it is advised to do a proper audit of the links by doing a deep analysis and see to it that there remain no bad links on the website.

5. Poor content

It is important to understand that content is the driving force for any website. It can sway you in any direction based on its quality. Ensure that the content value and the content structure, both the parameters are kept intact. To achieve this, you must do a proper research about the subject before you start penning down, see what to project in the content, length of the content and proper usage of keywords and language. When you take care of all these pointers, you will never land up in a mess.

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6. Poor website

A good quality website is one which is well structured & designed, appealing, at par with the designing rules of SEO, and has an impactful content. Being one such, adds to the quality aspect. To check whether you fall in such a category, you must analyze your website from top-to-bottom and see if you are lacking anywhere as per the designing norms of the website. This is an important step as it not only decided search engine rankings but also put an impression before the consumers and affects the conversion rates.

7. Over-Optimization

Anything which goes over the board is bad. Similarly in case of websites, when you start over-optimizing the pages thinking you are being cautious, you are actually decreasing its digital worth, w.r.t. technical aspects that are responsible for generating web traffic and rankings. You usually land up in over-optimizing title tags, or body or the navigation language. Make sure you do not do that and keep the things simple and clear.

8. Missing tracking

For this, you can ask your web developer to check the header and footer codes of the website for the mentions of Google analytics code in that. This is part which helps you track where the conversions are coming from.

Thus, with the help of creative branding agency in hyderabad and digital marketers, you can stay strong in the digital market.

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